SAP HANA Is Here To Stay - Get Ready For The Future!

A date with HANA - a bitter sweet experience 
Very rarely a new SAP Product has been so extensively analyzed, mystified, praised and controversially discussed - only one thing is for certain: SAP HANA is here to stay.

We teach you everything HANA 
We are entirely dedicated to provide you with the training, knowledge and know-how to master the challenges SAP HANA represents and to thoroughly reap the huge opportunities it brings about

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The WeeDooCare Training Services are promoted as a part the "ImmediateKarma"- Initiative, dedicated to provide ERP customers with focussed solutions to today's pressing problems. "ImmediateKarma" - anything else may take a life-time!

We Get You Ready for the Future of SAP

SAP HANA and SAP S/4 HANA have been given a lot of attention lately from many different perspectives - as a database, a new SAP BW, a new architecture and application paradigm. All of it is right. Without any exaggeration it is true to say that SAP HANA is the future for all SAP csutomers, consultancies and partners. It is not the question whether to embrace SAP HANA, but only when!

We help you to get started with SAP HANA today, understand the fundamentals, deep-dive into the architecture and technology, to clearly see the opportunities and the constraints, which still might exist.

SAP HANA Training for SAP Customers

Change is inevitable and you want to stay in control?

We train your people to master SAP HANA in a reasonable amout of time. We offer trainings for different skill levels to seamlessly bring your people up-to-speed.

For larger organisations it might be of interest to talk to us about a "train the trainer" approach, which also provide on request.

SAP HANA Training for Consulting Companies

As a consulting company, it is your responsibility to guide your customers through the rough seas of technology changes, that lie ahead of them.

We built our training curriculum to minimize your effort to train your consultants, so they can act as technologically sound, trusted advisors to all of your clients at any time.

WeeDooCare - A Unique High-End Training Provider

We are one of the very few providers, which can draw upon first hand knowledge from implementing SAP HANA.

We train people of the company, which created HANA!

We are independent provider with no other commercial interest other than educating your people.

We honour your time and flexibily adapt to your needs. If you feel, you are missing information on our offering, do not hestiate to contact us at any time!

Direct from the Source

With a modern technology like SAP HANA, many things still are in flux. Information ages rapidly.

WeeDooCare has been involved in the development of SAP HANA for years and is completely up-to-date with the newest developments and will be going forward.

We are one of the very few training providers, which are honoured to train SAP employee themselves!

No Strings Attached

As a training provider, our main interest is a well educated and satisfied customer. We are not hunting for projects and future sales.

Therefore we are happy to give you the naked truth on SAP HANA - in all its glory, but with "warts and all"!

As an independent provider we are not owned or under the control of another business, which might have further reaching commercial interest.

Modular and Scalable

Our curriculum is designed like a chinese menue - you pick and chose!

There is no use to have your people sit through a series on SAP S/4 HANA basics, when all they want ot hear is SAP BW on HANA. You tell us your needs and we solve the issue - with minimum "time on the bench" and at a location of your choice.

If you want to book regular updates on the still emerging topics of SAP HANA, we are more than happy to accomodate to your needs

"Cost effective"

The Non-Profit sector (german: Sozialwirtschaftlicher Sektor) is notoriously underserved, especially in Germany, when it comes to strategic and tactical business consulting. The GWK mbH offers a comprehensive scanning tool for Non-Profits to understand their situation and plan next tactical or strategic moves accordingly.

Do you like challenges?

Just for the fun of it: We created a HANA Quiz - can you do it? ...coming soon!

Best-in-Class SAP HANA Training modules

We offer 3 main lines of SAP HANA related training. These are natural learning streams, which relate to the SAP product strategy. At the core sits SAP HANA itself - we offer an Entry Level training and an Expert level curriculum, which cover the basics as well as all advanced features. The learning streams have themselves a modular design. This gives us the opportunities to mix and match according to your need.
Beyond the core SAP HANA curriculum we offer learning streams for the two major SAP products - SAP S/4 HANA (coming later in 2017) and SAP BW on HANA . With SAP S/4 HANA, SAP is driving innovation in the enterprise application market to the next level. With SAP BW on HANA, SAP is re-inventing its long standing business warehouse approach. SAP customers need to understand both to leverage the most of their SAP investment!

SAP HANA Entry Level

Content You learn the fundamentals of SAP's new HANA architecture and technology. You understand the components of HANA and how to tweak them to get the most out of SAP's innovations. You learn how to set up HANA in various deployment modes and basic customizing.
Audience Participants should have a solid foundation in SAP technologies prior to SAP HANA. Basic knowledge of SAP ABAP and SQL is a must. Some knowledge in JAVA is helpful.
Format Class room training with hands-ons exercises and extensive Question & Answer section. Number of participants should be between 10 - 25 per session.
Availability Europe
Train the Trainer Yes
Customizable Yes
Choose Plan

SAP HANA Expert Level

Content You learn all the details of SAP HANA including SAP HANA data provisioning and migration strategies, ABAP managed DB procedures as well as HANA native procedures with SQLscript. You can install, customized and administer a SAP HANA system at the end of the course.
Audience Participants should have a solid knowledge in SAP HANA basics and SAP technology in general. Background in SAP ABAP and SQL is a must. Some JAVA knowledge is helpful.
Class room training with hands-ons exercises and extensive Question & Answer section. Number of participants should be between 10 - 20 per session.
Availability DACH
Train the Trainer Possible
Customizable Yes
Choose Plan


You learn how to use the co-evolution of SAP HANA and SAP BW to your advantage. You understand new SAP BW concepts SAP HANA brings about and learn how to optimize administration, performance and maintenance of SAP BW in every detail.
Participants should have a deep unterstanding of SAP BW. Understanding of SAP technologies is required, a basic and conceptual understanding of SAP HANA is helpful
Class room training with hands-ons exercises and extensive Question & Answer section. Number of participants should be between 10 - 20 per session.
Avaiability Europe
Flatfee model Possible
Customizable Yes
Choose Plan
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Company Information

WeeDooCare HANA Training Modules

Our Chief HANA Expert, Gemma Durany, has been constantly working on SAP HANA topics for the last five year. Additionally she and her HANA Training support team have given trainings and workshops to a broad variety of clients, including SAP itself. With other consulting companies, she has implemented SAP HANA for productive use as well  proofs of concept to drive innovation on a sound technological fundation.
She has been the Chief SAP HANA Expert of a SAP HANA focussed company, which was acquired by E&Y in 2015.
Gemma Durany is located in Heidelberg with strong ties to Spain and her Alma Mata in Barcelona. She holds an university degree in theoretical physics from this university.

Gemma Durany

The "Immediate Karma" Initiative
The "Immediate Karma" Initiative offers a set of solutions from a network of companies to solve pressing challenges of ERP customers today - from API topology analysis in complex system landscapes, to SAP / integration to helping helping SAP customers and partners to get the most out of SAP HANA. The LPV-con GmbH is happy to drive this forward.
Claus Neugebauer has been working in the software industry for more than 20 years with large software companies, including SAP AG. He has been holding leading positions in development, product management and strategic marketing. After he started his own business - the LPV-con GmbH - , he has been successfully serving clients in Germany, USA, Japan and the Middle East.

Claus Neugebauer

The WeeDooCare GmbH is located in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. The history of Heidelberg can be traced back to roughly the 8th century. Heidelberg is world famous for its castle and the romantic Neckar valley. Its university was founded in 1386 AD and it is one of the oldest institution of its kind in Europe.
Besides the awesome beauty and history of Heidelberg, it is less than 15 miles away from the European HQ of SAP AG, where SAP R/2, R/3 and S/4 HANA were invented. More than 7000 SAP people work on the Walldorf campus. A few hundred SAP partners have offices on or near the campus.
Heidelberg is also located in short driving distance to the German HQs of IBM and HP and other high tech companies in Böblingen. Heidelberg itself hosts the European Training Centre of SAS. The Software Clusters Karlsruhe and Darmstadt are home to the highest density of software companies and startups in Germany.


WeeDooCare GmbH
Represented by:  Gemma Durany

Address:  Im Breitspiel 11B, 69126 Heidelberg, GERMANY.
Trade Register: Mannheim HRB 708677.
Corporate Domicile: Heidelberg
Sales ID Number  DE815166869
Managing Director: Gemma Durany

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